Vegetable Dyed Eggs

Aidan and I were in Target trying to get egg dye and I was voting for Paas dye.  Aidan did not agree with this plan and said that he wanted to “make our own dye.”  We have considered this in the past, but it is much more time consuming to make your own dyes so this idea was always rejected.  Aidan’s interest in making dye seemed like a good tipping point for this project, so we left Target without dye and then bought vegetables to make our own (this is not a cheaper project, but it was fun).  The Martha Stewart website was helpful with the color ideas, but we didn’t follow her recipe.  We filled a small pot with the vegetable matter, topped with water, and boiled it until it stopped changing color.  We then followed a specific proportion to get the dye acidic enough to stick to the eggs easily:

1 c. dye + 1 Tbs. white vinegar

We had more than 1 c. of dye for most colors, and we adjusted the amount of vinegar to keep that proportion.  (e.g. 1 1/2 c. dye + 1 1/2 Tbs. white vinegar)

Here are the vegetables we used:

Red Onion Skins

Yellow Onion Skins

Turmeric Powder (we strained it at first, but that wasn’t needed)IMG_7739

Purple Cabbage (we chopped this and it made an amazing blue dye on the egg)IMG_7745

Beet (we used 1 unpeeled and chopped)IMG_7744

Spinach (we tried this, but it did not color the eggs at all)

Turmeric dye followed by Cabbage dye (this made a nice green)


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